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With Project time You're Not Just Watching a Movie; You're Living It. Experience Home Like Never Before.

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    Awesome little projector!
    We bought a fire stick and are able to watch Netflix with the projector with no problem.
    Easy to set up and change the size of the screen as needed. The sound is actually pretty and we are not using a sound bar as it’s not needed!
    Quality of the image is reasonable (the darker the room is the better).
    I would not use it as a primary tv but it’s great for second tv in bedroom for example.
    Super happy with it so far!


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    Purchased the mini projector to use at home and when we go away camping. Project is straightforward to use and works well, instructions are clear and quality is good for the price. So far the kids in particular have enjoyed using it in their bedroom and outside (haven't gotten around to camping in the woods yet). Lightweight and compact and connects fine from both our Andriod smartphones and iPads, no need to purchase any additional equipment or carry around laptops which is great. Would recommend this as a good budget entry projector.


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    Bought this during a sale and wasn't expecting much. But, was pleasantly impressed as it has a clear picture and the brightness is good for viewing in the dark. In the daylight it is obviously not as bright as more expensive projectors but it was still quite viewable. The sound is okay too for a small room, but we usually hook it up to an external speaker when watching movies outside.
    Not sure about the longevity of it, as have only used a few times so far, but seems pretty solid.


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